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"You are slaves of sin, every one of you.  And slaves don't have rights, but the Son has every right there is! So if the Son sets you Free, you will indeed be free..."   John 8:34-36

 Featured Book of the Month

The Warrior

Over 500 reader reviews with a 4.7 star average on Amazon.com

"This might be a fictional account, but its effects are life-changing. You won't be able to read this book and not have your heart and mind changed about the power of dedicated, faithful, intercessory prayer.

Buy this book (or go get it free right now) and you just may become a prayer warrior yourself."

Marcy Crabtree's review on her blog

James is sitting at a Ft. Worth intersection waiting for the light to change when he hears the roar of a truck engine speeding toward him. Before he can react, his motorcycle is crushed, and he is thrown fifty feet onto the median.

At that precise moment in Dallas, Elizabeth’s sleep is interrupted by a vivid dream in which she witnesses James’ accident. As she watches him begin to pass from life to death, she extends her hand and cries, “Don’t die if you don’t know Jesus!”

Although neither James nor Elizabeth is aware of the existence of the other, they begin a ten-year odyssey in which their lives are inexorably intertwined, changing their futures and the futures of those they love most.

The Warrior is a moving testimony to the power of prayer and God’s desire to redeem every life.

The Reviews:

"A book that will change your life and fill you with encouragement! If you could only read one book, this is it!...Once you start this book, you will be telling people about it and you won't be able to put it down. This book will change your life, one page at a time."  Sally Shupe, book blogger

For Sally's full review click here.

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