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Joyce Swann has been a Christian since childhood and a prayer warrior for over forty years.  She became nationally-known in the 1990's because of her work homeschooling her ten children from the first grade through masters' degrees before their seventeenth birthdays.  She has been featured on Paul Harvey's weekly radio program, CBN and the 1990's CBS series "How'd They Do That?" She has been interviewed by Woman's World, The National Enquirer, and numerous regional newspapers.  The story of the Swann family has also been featured in the National Review and several books about homeschooling success stories.

Her first solo novel, The Warrior, tells the story of a prayer warrior who prays for a stranger for 10 years without ever meeting him and how those prayers change his life and the lives of many other people. Since its initial publication in May of 2012, The Warrior has been downloaded on Kindle over 100,000 times  and has received hundreds of glowing reviews. 

Joyce is co-author of five novels, including The Fourth Kingdom, which was selected as a top four finalist in the Christianity Today 2011 fiction of the year awards, and two children's books (The McAloon series).  She was a popular columnist for Practical Homeschooling for nearly a decade, and she has retold her own story of homeschooling her ten children in Looking Backward: My Twenty-Five Years as a Homeschooling Mother.

In 2016, Joyce released the second installment of her series for young adults, N: The Shadow of the Cross, and over Christmas she and Alexandra released book one of their new series, Kinsman:  The Invitation.