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Celebrating Warriors

In May we celebrate both Mother's Day and Memorial Day.  Mother's Day, of course, is a day to honor our mothers.  With an estimated 20% American women now remaining childless, we are hearing more and more voices implying that Mother's Day is somehow an unfair holiday because it celebrates some women while excluding others.  This argument overlooks the truth that NONE of us could be here without our mother--she is the reason we exist at all.  

Our feature book this month is The Warrior--the story of one mother whose prayers change the life of a young man she has never met.  As her prayers for him are answered, her prayers for her own children are answered too.  The book's dedication reads: To the millions of women who are changing the world, one prayer at a time. 

This Mother's Day we honor the mothers who pray tirelessly for their children and work diligently for their families--they are truly the backbone of our nation.

At the end of the month we will remember the sacrifices of the warriors who comprise the military.  These men and women defend our nation and our constitution at home and abroad.  I recently heard a young veteran who founded an organization called Carry the Load.  He spoke about the sacrifices of the small percentage of the Americans who have served in combat overseas and how they never forget those who died on foreign soil and never made it home.  Carry the Load was founded to help Americans remember that Memorial Day is not about picnics and sales at the mall--it is a day to remember that real men and women died so that we can be free and to honor their service.

This Memorial Day, we can best honor the sacrifices of those soldiers by praying for our military and for this country--that our nation and the world can experience revival, turn to a knowledge of God and through that knowledge find peace. 

We must remember, too, that though many of us will never be parents and many of us will never be soldiers, we are ALL commissioned to be warriors--to fight for God and the truth of the gospel.  As long as we are willing to fight that fight, the sacrifices of those who have gone before us will  never be in vain.

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