You are invited…to experience the power of faith, the joy of love and the magic of Christmas in this holiday series that celebrates second chances.

The Invitation

Kevin Marshall is trapped in a miserable existence with a boss and a fiancé who despise him. The Monday night before Thanksgiving, however, through an act of kindness to a stranger, Kevin receives an invitation to begin a new life and awakens the next morning to find himself living his dream. Now Kevin must discover how to let go of his past and accept the invitation for himself before his new life ends as suddenly as it began.

Precisely at Midnight

When Carol Pensworth accepts her invitation to begin a new life, her first assignment is to redeem victims of human trafficking. But Carol quickly learns that with Kinsman, one invitation always leads to another, and then another, and then another…

Between Darkness & Dawn

Blake and Sara Morgan’s rebellious daughter Jessica is coming home after two and a half years at a women’s correctional facility where she has learned only one thing—she doesn’t want to go back. With help from court-appointed counselor Mary Alice Sullivan, Jessica must learn to accept the consequences of her actions before she permanently destroys her future.  As she struggles to guide Jessica, Mary Alice must also help her own husband David, who is grappling with the loss of his company and the realities of having to start over after more than thirty years as his own boss. With the aid of Mary Alice and Kinsman, both Jessica and David must embrace one simple truth: they can never move forward until they let go of the past.

You are invited…to experience the miracle of Christmas in this holiday reminder that without the darkness, there can be no dawn.