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My name is Petra Bordeaux...Over the last year the National Council has arrested thousands of law-abiding citizens and charged them with corrupting public morals.  We are their children, and now they are hunting us.  They have taken our families, our homes and our possessions.  They call us Streeties because we are forced to live in the alleys, under bridges and in the open spaces.  We are hungry and sick and tired but we are not alone. We have each other and we have the truth.  We will never surrender.  WE ARE N.
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After River's parents are executed, Petra and the Ns take up refuge on Prayer Mountain--in the shadow of the cross. But Petra's nemesis, Cardin Ritter, remains determined to find her and turn her over to Mandrake for interrogation.

Meanwhile, Quinton becomes increasingly obsessed with giving Bella a new identity to save her life. As he becomes more desperate, he realizes that only one person can help him protect Bella--but to reach out to her will endanger his own life, his world and everything he values.

N: The Shadow of the Cross is the second installment in the N series.

When the Ns discover that their hiding place at Prayer Mountain has been compromised, Seamus tells the team that it's time for them to go underground. With their new assignments, Petra, Rahm, River, Ami and Lew no longer cower in the shadows. Instead, they now oppose Mandrake's government while living and working in plain sight. N: Plain Sight is the third installment in the N series. 

Chief Security Czar Christian Quinton’s disappearance has led to a nationwide manhunt. With her own life at stake, his cunning wife Sage manipulates Mandrake and repositions herself as the most powerful woman in New America. The success of her scheme, however, depends on Quinton staying gone and Petra Bordeaux never being found. For Petra and the Ns, life appears to be improving as they continue to live and work underground in North Texas, unaware that Mandrake now knows that Petra is still alive. As the Ns and those they have rescued slip into everyday routines and begin to enjoy the small victories of their lives, they are unaware that the storm that has engulfed them is not over—they are merely in its eye.  N: The Eye is the fourth installment in the N series.

Rumors of a group of Patriots that has infiltrated the highest levels of Mandrake's corrupt government have been a source of hope for millions of citizens trapped in the nightmare of New America. Yet, years of steadily worsening conditions and the loss of the final remnants of freedom have convinced even Petra Bordeaux that the stories are merely urban legends contrived by a people desperate to be free. When Petra finally determines that the only way she can restore her country is to sacrifice herself by praying on her knees in front of the New America building, she comes face to face with the Commander of the Lone Star Militia and discovers the shocking truth. Now Petra and Rahm join the freedom fighters in High Places as they work to overthrow Mandrake’s power and restore the Constitution. N: High Places is the fifth installment in the N series.

Months after the collapse of New America, Petra and Rahm have settled into the routine, boring life they’ve always dreamed of. But when Rahm’s cousins, Jarrod and Joshua Sinclair, enlist their help to stop the Kairos family, they discover a new global threat even more dangerous than Mandrake’s government. Now with the Sinclairs’ aid and assistance from veteran detective Fred Kowalski, Petra and Rahm must travel to Europe to battle a Force more sinister than anything they have ever experienced. N: The Labyrinth is the sixth installment in the N series.

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