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A Pig Isle Adventure

The Pigmeister's best friend needs help. Rance Hogg is one of the best friends a farm animal can have. But hard times are causing him to lose the family farm for taxes! Now, with Joy McAloon's help, the Pigmeister will get back into training to help his friend with a Pay-Per-View sporting event to raise the tax money and save the farm.Meanwhile, two-year-old Andy will get to be the Mayor of Pig Isle for an entire week. Andy is overjoyed at the chance to be in charge, and he starts his administration by giving free candy and ice cream to all the children. But during his week as mayor, Andy learns some valuable lessons about leadership, responsibility and good citizenship.

A Pig Isle Christmas

The Pigmeister wants this year to be the best Christmas that Pig Isle has ever seen. He has made fat snowmen with carrot noses and silk top hats, and he has wrapped tinsel ropes around all of the lamp posts. The shops are filled with Christmas dolls in satin dresses and real cowboy hats and every sort of toy you can imagine. The scent of sweet Christmas cakes and warm figgy puddings is everywhere. But, there is no Christmas spirit on Pig Isle.On Christmas Eve, he brings Joy and Andy McAloon back to the Isle to help him host a Christmas Pageant. With the help of the Pigmeister's magical Christmas tree, Joy and Andy are able to show the children of Pig Isle the story of the first Christmas and introduce them to God's best gift to the world--His Son.

The Christmas Spirit Can Only Be Found in a Manger

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"There are mysterious things happening in the night...."

During a chance summer storm, ten-year-old Joy and three-year-old Andy are sure their neighbor's horse has been killed after they see him struck by lightning. But the horse isn't dead--he just has a secret! Months later, on the darkest evening of the year, Joy and Lightning will brave a blizzard to save Joy's daddy when his truck is stuck in a snowdrift, and Joy and Andy will come to understand the mystery of the horse they call Lightning.

This story of God’s provision for His children will delight children and parents alike!

When a family of clowns moves onto Joy and Andy’s street and begins to entertain the residents, the entire town is delighted! But when the town’s bank is robbed and the clowns suddenly disappear, Joy suspects that this troupe of entertainers is really a gang of thieves! Now she has to think quickly to bring the gang to justice and teach the whole town about the consequences of choices.

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