One month before my fifth birthday, my mother began teaching me to read and write, and school in our home became a wonderful thing...


The engaging story of the Swann family’s experiences with homeschooling as told by the oldest daughter, Alexandra. At the age of fifteen she became the youngest student ever to graduate from Brigham Young University in its 111-year history. In this poignant narrative originally published in 1989 when she was eighteen, Alexandra recounts her experiences as the oldest in a family of ten children, all of whom were earning their educations at a highly-accelerated pace. With warmth, humor and affection, Alexandra draws the reader into the Swann household and shares a story of love, friendship and faith that overcomes obstacles.

This twentieth anniversary edition of "No Regrets"—republished in early 2010—contains an updated foreword by the author.

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Looking Backward: My Twenty-Five Years as a Homeschooling Mother